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Architecture Design, UX/UI, Web Design & Branding

Wyne Hotel

A new hotel brand for business and leisure travelers

UX/UI Responsive Web Design, Mobile App

Mentorship Hub

Accessible mentorship tools for pre-collegiate students

UX/UI Design Mobile App

The Hopping Pot

A themed mobile ordering experience at Universal Studios Florida

UX/UI Responsive Web Design


One stop construction tutorial resources

Crystal Salt




I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

My experiences in various roles over the years had been enriching. I look forward to further the growth and learning in the field design focusing on products and UX/UI.

Professional Roles
& Experiences

Transferable Skills

Hotel Architect 

Project Architect

CX and UX Design

Principal Design Architect

- Design Planning + Development

- Construction Management

- Digital & Web Design + Brand Development

- Client Management + Content Creation

  Project Management + Design Leadership

  Task Management + Visual Design

I graduated with a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and dual master's degrees from Columbia with architecture and historic preservation. I'm passionate about buildings, their history and the people who use them because they are the lives and souls of our cities and a foundation for our future. I have been practicing architecture and contributing to the built environment since graduating from college.

My passion for our built environment remains strong, and I want to work in UX/UI to develop products that will enhance the space we live in and improve the way we live. With my unique background in architectural design, I can contribute my experiences in designing buildings that prioritize user-centered spatial designs.


I strongly believe ideas should cross-pollinate across disciplines, and I intend to be the inter-disciplinary bee who pollinates! I see many opportunities to integrate emerging technology to our built environment, whether it be the technology like Amazon Go or it be AR/VR to assist us in navigating a building complex or the whole city. I want to continue contributing positively to our society through design.

I studied architecture because I am passionate for the built environment that impacts the way we live and the culture we build. While working as an architect for hotels and resorts in Burma, I was also tasked with designing their digital presence. I learned that when physical and digital experiences go hand in hand, the user experience becomes effortlessly pleasing. As we increasingly merge the two dimensions, I believe I am in a unique position to contribute my learning and practice in architecture in the field of UX design. We can capitalize technology to integrate digital and physical space to provide a more seamless experience for our built environment whether it be in raising living standards or for sustainability of our future.

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