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Zadryan Zaw Lin Myat

As a human-centered experience designer, I have developed two major hospitality projects working with cross-functional teams to enhance and improve traveler’s experiences. Through my work with two local hotels in architecture, branding and web design to deliver a 360-degree experience, I have helped them establish a solid standing to compete with international hotel brands. I have helped organizations to improve user experience of their products through planning, conducting studies, creating wireframes, improving information architecture, managing design systems, and advancing their online presence. In any work that I do as a designer, my top priority is to understand the users' needs and advocate for them because I believe that solving the users' problems brings more business in the long run.

My background in architecture, branding, web design, experience design and business development makes me a well-rounded design professional. I strongly believe ideas should cross-pollinate across disciplines, and I intend to be the inter-disciplinary bee who pollinates! There are many exciting opportunities to integrate emerging technology to our built environment, whether it be the technology like Amazon Go or it be AR/VR to assist us in navigating a building complex or the whole city. I hope to continue contributing positively to our society through design.

I AM....

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
Image by Priscilla Du Preez


I believe in kindness or "mettā" which is a more encompassing word. "Mettā" or kindness is a Buddhist life philosophy that teaches us to have benevolence, loving-kindness, good will and active interest in others' well-being. As a designer, being kind and having "mettā" opens my mind and heart to understand and empathize with people's needs. As an architect, I try my best to incorporate these values in design, whether it is a bench for people waiting at the portico or a ramp for users with different abilities to overcome height obstacles. I enjoy helping people through design and I have volunteered over 800 hours for pro-bono work in the causes I believed for several educational institutions in Burma.

Sand Dunes

HUMBLE to lead
BRAVE to follow

I enjoy leading in a collaborative setting. When I was told I have 6 months to finish both the interior fit-out and the opening of Wyne hotel, I led a team of 5 to deliver the interior fit-out and co-lead with the newly hired General Manager to prepare a team of 80 to open the hotel on schedule. I was resourceful for the design team as they needed me to guide them to connect with suppliers and contractors. As time was sensitive, when they needed me to help with designing artworks, I did not hesitate to dive right in to do the work myself. I was able to trouble-shoot and problem-solve while making quick and effective decisions to lead my team to deliver the project. When the General Manager or the Director of Sales needed a hand, I had no hesitation to let them lead in their areas of expertise as I listened and gave advice. I also kept my team motivated and maintained the collaborative spirit at the job. Staying humble helps me to lead an effective team, and it also helps me to build trust with others. Trust guides me to follow other co-leaders. I know when to be in the driver seat and when to be in the passenger seat.

See Wyne Hotel Project


I studied architecture because I am passionate for the built environment that impacts the way we live and the culture we build. While working as an architect for hotels and resorts in Burma, I was also tasked with designing their digital presence. I learned that when physical and digital experiences go hand in hand, the user experience becomes effortlessly pleasing. As we increasingly merge the two dimensions, I believe I am in a unique position to contribute my learning and practice in architecture in the field of UX design. We can capitalize technology to integrate digital and physical space to provide a more seamless experience for our built environment whether it be in raising living standards or for sustainability of our future.


NERDY (seriously) but
FUN (mostly when not serious)

I like to read. Sapiens and Homo Deus are the books that changed my perspectives for life in the last few years. White Umbrella, Freedom from Fear, and Quiet are my life compass in navigating this world. Big Harry Potter fan and I'm a Ravenclaw! Oftentimes, I usually find myself descending into a rabbit hole of finding and reading a lot of random stuff on Wikipedia (but not nerdy enough to make edits).


I love dogs (and lately, cats. Historically, anything that's alive from ladybugs to hermit crabs.) Nature gives me the most inspiration. If I'm not a designer, I'll probably be a farmer who brings you fresh tomatoes and chilis.  Currently, I have two cherry tomato plants and one chili plant on my windowsill for myself. How can anyone not be gay when they see the flowers turn into fruits you can actually eat? Like how?

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